Just My Luck You’ve been one of my readers

Well, that’s about it for this initial solo performance by Blowin’ My Own Horn.  Front to back I have shared every segment of every chapter of my manuscript, Just My Luck. 

If you hung in there and read all 45,000 or so words (roughly the equivalent of a +/-200 page book), I thank you profusely for your generous attention.  If you chose to read selected parts that you felt might interest you, I applaud you for your discretion and hope you found your selections worthwhile.  If you gave up in disgust after a while, you’re probably not reading this, so I really don’t care.

I know that a lot of this writing was very, very personal – too personal in a few places (pointed out by Doris) that I amended after their initial postings.  It had to be personal to validate why I learned what I’ve learned.  I’ve been happy to share that with you.  If it was helpful to you in any way, finding out you are not alone in some of your own situations or views, or giving you food for thought, or giving you a dartboard at which to unleash your frustrations at idiocy, I’m happy.

Reiterating a notion from the Introduction, what I learned from the experiences that I was lucky to survive  grew from my own, unique “core me” perspective and rationale.  I would be stunned if any two people on this planet shared identical “core me” perspectives, even identical twins.  So what is of value to you may differ a tiny bit or a whole lot from what is of value to me.  I invited you to take what you want and leave the rest.   I hope you found some value in the work.

Now a Plea

I would like to bring my manuscript to the attention of some literary agents who might find it worthy of representing to publishers.  In a bold faced plea for your help, only if you think this book might interest others, please send me an e-mail or an attachment or whatever that I might include in a testimonial package supporting Just My Luck.  Please also indicate rogers quoteif you would prefer not to have your note, letter or whatever, made available on the Internet for prospective agents or publishers to access.  I hope you will help stuff my inbox at jash1221@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I have more to write and post including how my efforts to publish Just My Luck may fare.  So stay tuned.

Many thanks for now,


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